Ladakh, India – We watch the plane’s wingtips pointing closely at the breast of mountains as it circles to land on one of the world’s most dangerous airports. Kushok Bakula Rimpochee airport of Ladakh is immersed in a bowl of Himalayas. There is an unusual jerk as the fuselage needs to wedge between two cliffs and find the runway and touch down on a land 10,000 feet above sea level! We make it, but that is only a prelude to more adventurous moments to come in the ranges and the valleys



Lombok, Indonesia – So we as a family want to set apart one holiday exclusively for beaches, calm beaches. We even gave it a title – ‘Beach Tour’. There we head to the shores of Lombok archipelago. The Gilis had always been in our list. The only child in our 4-member group, 5 year-old Evy, my niece, is so jubilant that she wouldn’t mind jumping down the landing plane right into the blue ocean!


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